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robotraxx's Journal

I Love Robotraxx
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Hello everybody! We are Robotraxx. If you don't know what Robotraxx is, it is a super hi-NRG eurobeat label from New Jersey. But what makes us different? We choose to make everything we do unique, by using lo-fi technology to produce our music. Examples are: Atari ST, Gameboy, etc. We have been around since the summer of 2005 and have been releasing crazy eurobeat music ever since. In 2006 we changed our name to "R-Crew". We didn't like that too much, so we switched back in early 2007 to Robotraxx again. You can see a complete discography and more information on us here. Click Me
150+ bpm, 8bit, alexa, atari 2600, beatmania, bubble gum, cyber girl, ddr, dj scratchin', doki doki panic, eurobeat for the win, gameboy color, hi-nrg, jello, jenny rom., jilly rodger, lofi bizness, making webpages, mrs. pacman, myspace, nintendo, outrun, pacman, pacman plus, pocky, radio lover, ramune candy, sega dreamcast, stealing pron, tamogatchis, zombies